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What size is right for you?

Our mid-size 10x20 unit is approximately the size of a one car garage. We have larger and smaller units in 5' increments.  Our doors roll up on themselves (like a jelly roll) which gives a height advantage toward the back of the unit. You will need to consider how much floor space you will need for larger items such as appliances and/or garage and basement items.

Building Construction:

  • Steel construction buildings

  • Metal interior walls

  • Roll-up style doors (offers more height in units)

  • Concrete floors

  • Ridge vent (for air circulation)

  • Gutters (for water control)

  • LED Industrial lighting

  • 40 ft between the buildings

  • Asphalt Drives

  • Digital Video Surveillance

Rental Terms

  • Miniumum one month rent

  • Rents due the 1st of the month (grace period to the 5th of the month)

  • Discount for 6-month pre-paid lease

  • Discount for multi-unit leases

  • 30-day written notice to vacate required (see download)

  • All units must be completely emptied and broom swept upon vacating


"I will refer anybody I know who is looking to rent a storage unit.  You have been a wonderful landlord."

Brigid, 6/2015

"We have loved renting from you!  Great units!  We love how secure and clean everything is!

Amanda, 5/2015

"Thank you again!!  We may be back again next year!

Keith, 5/2014

Thank you so much for everything!  You guys are great!"

Adrianne, 3/2013

Prohibited Items:
Items that may NOT be stored at this facility:

  • Food or perishable items

  • Flammable materials, or any other inherently dangerous materials

  • Drugs or drug paraphernalia

  • Stolen items

  • Used tires

  • Any living things

  • Any items deemed inappropriate by the management

  • Any item that detrimentally affects other tenants or the facility


Prohibited uses:
Our storage units are designed for storage purposes only.

  • Welding, painting or mechanical maintenance

  • Garage sales, auctions, or public sales

  • Any illegal use

  • Any use deemed inappropriate facility management

Payment Options

  • Cash

  • Check

  • Visa and Mastercard

Payment Record
& Rate List

Easily keep track of your 

payments and always have our rates at hand.


To download this useful tool, click here.

Vacate Notice

If you are vacating your unit, we require written notice 30 days prior to vacating.  Download this template so all necessary information is relayed to us.

To download this form, click here.

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